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Henschen & Associates, Inc. Software for Salons is designed to help salon owners track clients, supplies, accounts and finances using our custom database. The system is user friendly so that means less training time and more appointments for your staff. The system also allows check printing so that you can pay for your expenses right from the software system.

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Program Features

Accounts Payable File

The Accounts Payable file provides and tracks information from your suppliers with an interface to the check printing feature.

Client/Customer File

The Clients/Customer File provides information regarding: Name, Address, History and Notes pertaining to your clients/customers. It also tracks customer services by operator, calculates taxes and prints receipts at the "touch of a key". No more working into the evening posting to a spreadsheet or calculating taxes for reports.

Check Printing and General Ledger File

The Check Printing and General Ledger File includes check printing and G/L Account tracking which provide: Assets, Liabilities, and Expense Reporting, Trial Balance Sheet, Tax Reports and Profit/Loss Reporting.

User Friendly

This software user friendly so that the "novice" user can operate the system with minimal training. There are system files that are available so that users can add, edit or delete "Service Code and Pricing" or "Local Cities" to help reduce data entry time. Scan your important documents into the computer in-lieu of keeping paper copies in files or notebooks tops off the features provided.

Main Menu Screenshots

Customer Information File

Track your customers (by name and address), as well as service history regarding prior visits and services performed. If you have "specials", you can mail, email or telephone them if you want. Keep your client notes in the computer and do away with the written card file. All of this at the touch of a key. Send "Thank You" and other notes to show you care!

Receipting Screen

The "Receipting Screen" is the real time saver. No more evenings or after hours spent posting receipts and customer history. They're automatically done when filling in the receipt screen and printing a receipt. Daily receipts, discounts, taxes, tips and bank deposit reports are posted when you record the transaction.

Accounts Payable Vendor File

The Accounts Payable Vendor File contains information relating to your suppliers or operators. This file interfaces to the General Ledger file so that the Name, Address, City, State and Zip will automatically print on the check when written, making check writing fast and easy.

General Ledger And Check Printing

Do your own accounting and check writing. Simply look-up the person or company you want to pay from the Accounts Payable Vendor File and fill in the amount, check date, check number, etc. and you're ready to print a check. Once printed, you can now post to your General Ledger accounts. At the end of the month, you can print a General Ledger Detail or Summary Report, Trial Balance Report, Income Expense Report or Balance Sheet.

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432 W. Gypsy Lane
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