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Henschen & Associates, Inc. Accounting & Rental Property Management Software for property owners and rental agencies is designed to track rental property by address, owner and tenant(s), utilizing the latest technology available.

Interface your rental information to the bookkeeping/accounting module for a complete and seamless transition to a computerized system.

Property Management
Accounting Software
for Owners or
Property Rental Agencies

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Software Features

Accounting Made Easy

A user friendly computerized accounting system including:

  • Check Writing and General Ledger with Check Register and Vendor File
  • Owner Financial Reports (for each property rented by owner)
  • Check, Cash, ACH Payments Processing
  • Daily Receipt and Rental Reports
  • Management and Maintenance Reporting
  • Late and Non-Payment Reporting
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statements

Rental Property Management

The Property File:

  • Lists all properties managed by your rental agency
  • Indicates percent (%) being assessed to each owner for service
  • Interfaces with Owner Information File and the accounting module for financial tracking and reporting
  • Should the owner sell the property, the only change necessary is to assign the property to the new owner
  • Maintenance/repairs are tracked per property and date to insure service is responsive and handled in a professional manner.
  • Monthly reports are sent to the owner (per property) for review and tenant(s) billed (if responsible for damage)

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